About Us (EN.)

Taipei Truth Lutheran Church

Because of Love, We Are Here.

Taipei Truth Lutheran Church is deeply loved by God. Over seventy years ago, missionaries from Europe and America traveled across the oceans and sowed the seeds of love and grace in many lives. These missionaries had experienced God's unconditional love and freely given grace. With encouragements and gratitude, they desired to spread this kind of love to more people. This is the origin of our church.

Today, the brothers and sisters in our church not only understand humbly growing in loving God, loving themselves, loving one another, and loving their neighbors, we also have another vision: becoming an apostolic and prophetic church that impacts the nations positively. We envision spreading God's unconditional love to every church, family, workplace, and community, and connecting Chinese churches worldwide in such unconditional love deeply and in unity. We desire to see all churches become more powerful because of love, and bring greater blessings to their nations and societies.

1 Corinthians 2:2 is the foundation of all our ministry, "For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified." Jesus Christ became flesh, took on our sins with His blameless and holy life, and unconditionally gave us His pure life. We serve not for anything else, but because we are deeply moved by this unconditional love.

Our Passions

Discipleship Training

Through worship services, small groups, training courses, and ministries, we make disciples who live a lifestyle of "One Principle, Three Practices" in the three major areas of family, community, and workplace (including campus).

One Principle: Clearly know that "God loves me unconditionally" and firmly believe it regardless of any circumstances. The following three practices help us deeply experience this One Principle.

First Practice "Intimacy with God": Every day, in the process of reading the Bible and praying, we interact with the Lord Jesus Christ intimately and develop a deep and unwavering love relationship with Him.

Second Practice "Partners in Battle": We develop special relationships with other Christians centered on God's word and His unconditional love. We support each other in our personal lives and ministries.

Third Practice "Serve God, Serve People": Motivated by God's love, we joyfully and actively engage in serving the family, community and workplace (including campus). Our primary goal is to lead people to Christ to experience God's unconditional love.

Student Ministry

Since the very beginning, Taipei Truth Lutheran Church has been fully committed to developing student ministry at the college level, which remains one of our core ministries. Currently, our youth ministry serves children, teenagers and college students.

In the past seventy years, we have developed over one hundred full-time ministers, the majority whom were raised from the student ministry.

Christ-Centered Family Ministry

Christ-Centered Family Ministry is a wonderful inheritance given to Taipei Truth Lutheran Church by God. The divorce rate in our church is close to zero, and this is also a key ministry conduit for serving other churches and impacting our society and nation. We provide various long-term training courses for singles, those in dating relationships, married couples, and those in different stages of life. We also actively provide counseling and care for those facing difficulties in their marital and parenting relationships.


Outreach and Missions

In addition to traditional church planting, we have also developed family missions, workplace missions, and media missions, with a focus on caring for the poor - materially, physically or spiritually.

  1. Church Missions: We are connecting churches in Taiwan, nurturing and training ministers, and promoting deeper unity within the Church, so that people from everywhere can experience God's unconditional love and establish genuine gospel churches.
  2. Workplace Missions: We are connecting various social resources, helping those in need in body, mind, and spirit, allowing God's joy, health, power, and unconditional love to fill their lives, and sending them out to fulfill God's calling and bless the workplace.
  3. Family Missions: We are connecting over 4,000 churches, Christian organizations, and national and community resources in Taiwan. Through education and training, media communications, we are entering families, communities, and workplaces (campuses), helping people attain a correct understanding of the value of a happy family, and thereby transforming the society and nation.
  4. Media Missions: We are addressing important issues, making good use of multimedia, and influencing the society and nation. The ministries include discussing important issues and helping the church utilize multimedia effectively to make a significant impact.

2025 Vision

We aim to connect global churches that share the same vision and beliefs. We seek to establish an apostolic and prophetic evangelical church network that is full of love, based on the foundation of discipleship (One Principle, Three Practices) and oriented toward missions among families, communities, workplaces and campuses in Asia.

Taipei Truth Lutheran Church Senior Pastors
  • Rev. Kurt Lin: Youth pastoral care, and overseer of prayer and worship ministry.
  • Rev. Daniel Wu: Church administration, and overseer of equipping ministry.
  • Rev. Daniel Su: Kingdom network, and overseer of missions and outreach.